Friday, July 1, 2011

Green Olive Burgers

Since it is the eve of the Fourth of July weekend, I figured this would be a good time to put this one up.

A couple of years ago on the radio, they were talking about a hamburger contest. The winner was a unanimous decision by the judges. Their burger had a unique flavor that made it stand out above the rest. The judges loved it but couldn't quite pin down what it was that set this one apart from the others.  So they asked the contestant what exactly they had put in their burgers?

Diced green olives.

Simple as that. About a half small jar of olives will go far enough on a 3 lb chub of ground beef to make 6 or 7 hefty burgers. 

Admittedly, I don't like green olives. You won't find me munching on a jar of them on any given day. They are for the most part-safe from being eaten in our house.  Their counterpart, the black olives? Better have a can for each of us and step back... They don't stand a chance!

I remember I used to eat green olives. My Dad used to like them too. He and I would eat them like no tomorrow. One day that changed for me and forget it. I lost the appeal for their flavor. Hearing they were the secret ingredient though, I knew their taste and thought about it. Who knows, it might be good?

*I forgot the cheese*

I tried it once before and Oh my. They are good.  The green olives give the burger enough of a funky kick to put it over the top in my book too. So for the low price of a jar of cheap green olives, slice their little bad selves up and mix them in with the meat this weekend. You may just be surprised. The olives aren't just for your martini's. 


fernvalley01 said...

It does sounds good, and I Loe olives , grren or black so I will have to try it , but I will get a big jar so there is some left for my Martini!

Cut-N-Jump said...

It really is good Fern. Something about their tangy flavor gives the burgers an extra boost.